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Ruby Star Society Expansion Pack - Scrap Bag - half pound of fabric strips


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What's a Ruby Star Society Expansion Pack?  It's a bag of strips leftover from cutting precut fabric, assembled by RSS and put into a sealed grab bag. 

There is no way of knowing which prints or colors will be in each bag, and each bag comes sealed so we don't know what's in the bag either!  It's a surprise waiting to be opened by you! 

What should you know?

- Ruby Star Society Expansion Packs contain about a half pound of fabric.


Expansion Packs could have fabric from one collection of RSS prints, several collections of RSS prints or a combination of RSS prints and blenders.

- Most Expansion Packs contain strips ranging 2 1/2 to 4" wide and varying lengths.

- Some fabrics will have selvage which may be part of the fabric width.

- Duplicates and off-grain cuts are possible.

- Because of the random nature of R

uby Star Society 

Expansion Packs, no refunds or exchanges are offered.  You might like the fabric or it might not be your favorite, but all fabric can make a snuggly quilt!

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