Quilting Design Consultation

Have you ever wished you could see how an edge to edge pattern would look on your quilt top before it's already being quilted, wanted to test different scales and densities of patterns, or preview thread color? Our Design Consultation service will produce three mock up images along with the longarm quilting parameters needed to quilt a design.  

This service is for any quilt, whether you have your quilt longarmed at Steel City Quilt Company, want to do it yourself on your longarm, or have a local longarm quilter. Three mock ups are included in the all-inclusive longarm quilting pricing at Steel City Quilt Company, or this service can be purchased for $15.

Steel City Quilt Company can audition a quilting design before your quilt even arrives in our studio!  

The process is simple.

For quilts being quilted at Steel City Quilt Company, just note your design consultation preference on your booking form and be sure to upload a photo of your quilt top.  For best results, stand on a chair (safely!) to get a photo straight on of your entire quilt top.  Don't worry about cropping or editing your photo; we will take care of that!

For design consultations without longarm quilting, purchase the design consultation service here

See how the process works from the quilt top to completion!

The original photo is sent to Steel City Quilt Company.


Three mock ups are sent back to the maker.

The quilt design is selected (Propel) and the quilt is quilted!




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